May 30, 2018

In Every Frame, Everyday: User Generated Video Content Rises as an Exciting Form of Creative Storytelling

Nikon Celebrates First Winning User-Generated Content (UGC) Video Submissions From Global Platform, In Every Frame

Melville, NY – Today, Nikon is proud to announce the first group of winning content from its global UGC video submission platform, In Every Frame ( The three initial In Every Frame official selections handpicked from submissions worldwide are titled ‘The City of Thousand Minarets’, ‘Bangladesh Wanderlust’ and ‘Half-Dead’

In line with the rising use of visual storytelling, there has been increased interest in creative multimedia. Tapping into the growing trend, In Every Frame is an ongoing competition that was launched across 251 countries in November 2017 to celebrate inspiring videos shot with Nikon gear by filmmakers and creatives alike. Selected videos will be awarded with prizes of $2,000 USD and more, as well as being showcased on the In Every Frame video platform and our Nikon communities worldwide.

Additionally, to learn more about consumers’ growing appetite for UGC video content, Nikon recently conducted a survey with 3,600 global respondents aged 16 to 40.

Key findings show that online, video has caught up with images today – the same number of videos and images are being shared on social media daily, with 42% of respondents sharing more UGC videos daily compared to last year. Interesting trends have also been observed in terms of UGC video consumption, sharing patterns and creation of quality video content.

The ‘sweet spot’ of UGC video consumption

While UGC video is being consumed daily – one hour is the ‘sweet spot’. Sixty percent of respondents spend up to one hour watching UGC videos every day, with the number of respondents that spend more than that dropping significantly after an hour. 

That said, the consumption of UGC video is dominated by Generation Z (aged 16 to 21), with 40% of respondents within this age group spending 2 hours or more a day watching UGC videos.

Sharing patterns differ among age groups

On the flipside, younger millennials (aged 22 to 30) lead the pack in UGC video sharing, with Generation Z lagging behind. In comparison to the previous year, younger millennials have increased their sharing of UGC videos, Generation Z have decreased their sharing of UGC videos, and older millennials (aged 31 to 40) saw no change in sharing patterns.

The importance of creating quality video content

When asked to choose a preferred genre for UGC video creation, capturing personal moments (which includes content featuring friends, themselves, humor, life moments, travel and food) was the crowd favorite.

This finding was reflected in the initial UGC video submissions Nikon received on Close to 85% of submissions saw creative stories being told around such personal moments, with travel videos taking the top spot at 45%, followed by videos of people and events at 25% and 15% each respectively. Time-lapse and hyper lapse videos made up the last 15% of submissions.

Furthermore, when creating video content to tell a story, respondents indicated they are discerning of the technical and quality aspects of their video, as well as creative.

One in two respondents (51%) felt that a quality camera was the most important factor in creating quality video content. One in four respondents (26%) recognized that camera lenses can significantly increase video quality. One in five (19%) respondents shoot in 4K as a preferred format. Values such as originality and inspiration were highlighted by more than 70% of respondents as the most important aspects when it comes to creating UGC video.

Evidently, the growing prevalence of UGC video will continue to emerge as a key form of creative visual storytelling as consumers continue to consume and create quality content daily.

To better empower hybrid photographers’ creation of multimedia content that pushes the boundaries of videography, Nikon also recently launched the Nikon DSLR D850 Filmmaker’s Kit comprising the Nikon D850 equipped with 4K UHD video capabilities, NIKKOR lenses and other accessories in the United States. The Filmmaker’s Kit will soon be available in other select regions.

About In Every Frame

In Every Frame ( is an online submission video platform celebrating and rewarding inspirational videos shot by Nikon filmmakers and creative storytellers. Selected videos will be awarded with prizes of $2,000 USD and more, as well as being showcased at In Every Frame video platform and on our Nikon communities worldwide.

Nikon 100th Year Anniversary

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